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how to propagate a fiddle leaf fig

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It also has a high CEC (cation exchange capacity) which basically means it’s able to store one particular group of nutrients called cations and make them available to the plant, making it good soil amendment. How to propagate a fiddle leaf fig Ficus can be easily propagated using tip cuttings taken during spring or early summer. – roots. Put the cutting in fresh water in indirect light. Keep the soil moist but not too soggy. Enjoy! It’s still a single leaf with well-established roots. Do you happen to have a post of what to do after propagation? sound like your tree should be able to heal at the trunk, just keep the tape on for a few months! hi Christina! however, if you could get a stem cutting, those would grow a lot faster! Just don’t eat it or get it in your eyes as it can be irritating. thank you so much for sharing this tip! I tried it and the fiddle fig cutting just sent out roots finally! Wow these do make things look even more beautiful! This makes sense as most growth of new branches come from stem nodes. I’ve had success rooting a branch in water also – but I’ve also had a couple failures. Photo | Greenhouse Studio. Hi! so happy to hear that! Can you tell me how I can do this? my leaf did not survive, but i think it is because of competition- i planted it in the same pot as 2 other stem cuttings, which grew rapidly. I had mistakenly gone to the wrong address and instead of looking at the rental house I was in the yard of a house that had been put up for sale after being flooded. Pin it for later! And as if by coincidence, after looking at the pictures of leaves sprouting in online pictures, I went over and closely inspected my little fig tree. At my grandparent’s funerals we were given a rubber tree (for grandpa) and a fiddle leaf fig (for grandma). I know there will be white “blood” when I cut the plant, can that go directly into the rooting water!? I'm Ananda, a home and garden designer, artist, and lifestyle blogger in Southern California. Sorry I didn’t see your response, no leaves dried up and stem looks dry too. The water looks the same in the glass vrs. Air layering an edible fig tree (Ficus) using moist coconut fiber plastic-wrapped and bound around the incision). Now we have four gorgeous and healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig trees grow from cuttings! thank you Nina! The single leaf cutting never grew bigger. , Excellent tutorial! But I have bad news, you can’t propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig with just a leaf. Just wondering if it’s possible, I’ve heard some people say that you may need at least a small piece of stem though, not sure if this is true. A blind leaf will produce exciting roots, but that is all it will produce. It is relatively simple to propagate a fiddle leaf fig. I changed the water about 1x/week to keep up the oxygen levels. Normally I’d say the container doesn’t need to be very deep, but for fiddle leaf fig cuttings, which tend to be larger and woodier than say, an African Violet, you might want to go with a bigger pot than you would normally use for propagation so it can support your larger cutting. You can’t propagate a fiddle leaf fig from a leaf that you have pulled off. Thanks for posting! Your container can be most anything, so long as it has adequate drainage. Take whatever available plastic container you have on hand to mix your propagation soil. . “Tuck in” the soil around the cutting to stabilize it. I want to go ahead and propagate this and plant a new plant. A single leaf will grow roots from the petiole but will not produce any new growth above the soil, because the petiole (the ‘stalk’ of the individual leaf) does not contain any dormant buds. Hopefully, i wasnt being too ambitious! =). I am jealous of your fiddle leaf success. I just acquired my first indoor plant- fiddle leaf fig! Any update on your single leaf? It won’t grow into a plant because single leaves lack lateral buds for growing new stems and leaves. Plus they look pretty in the glass container. It also rooted!! I also apologize ahead of time regarding the length of this post….but I wanted to share the story of a poor little fiddle leaf fig….accidentally found while searching for a rental house after Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Tx. You will need a pair of cutters and a jar of water. The most informative post you have shared on this page about the fiddle leaf fig and I was planning on buying a few after we move in. Thank you, hi Michalis! Your post magically appeared. The main reason for using air layering is to produce a large cutting to eventually re-pot. how often should we water the fiddle leaf propagated in soil? Just no root yet… Is that common? Propagate Sansevieria (Snake Plant): 3 Easy Ways! Hi Ananda. It's actually a simple process! I love my sweet plant and I’d love to have successful babies! I was just wondering when taking a leaf cutting, do you cut it very close to the trunk, or snap it off to get a heel? Should I have separated it into 2? Distilled water will also work. There you have it - how to propagate your fiddle leaf figs. I will be sharing them as gifts! Any plant in the fig family (Moraceae) will produce a milky, white latex sap. Water has some oxygen, but when it sits still, the oxygen dissipates off the surface. So excited! If using a larger container from the get-go like I did (see video) be sure to hold back on your water a bit more than you normally would. an un-watered plant pot that looks dry and feels light as a feather. and 2 leaves on there would be more than enough! Rooting hormone speeds up the rooting process and is especially recommended for woody plants like fiddle leaf figs. Googling suggests that in theory it can be propagated from a single leaf but I haven’t had much luck with that… so far. Clearly though, it can grow very well in water since most who try it are successful. Our reader suggested that the leaf should have a tiny piece of stem attached to it. just added an update on the fiddle leaf fig cuttings. A small fiddle leaf fig tree. Ficus Fig Bush Fig Varieties Air Layering Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Fertilizer For Plants Fig Leaves … Hi I wanted to ask how the leaf propagation fared? You might also like 1. Another question, how can I encourage the FLF tree to sprout multiple limbs and not just continue to shoot upward on the same stalk? Have they survived? There are a few benefits to taking cuttings of your fiddle leaf fig. You can make several cuttings out of a longer branch. Have they grown? No way! So when considering how to best propagate, I research methods used by commercial growers, and no growers use the water method. hi lida, yes i would cut the branch to smaller lengths, mine were 10″ to 14″, this would reduce the stress on the cutting to supply water to a lot of leaves maybe put a clear bag over them for a few days. We planted them in 2 pots, now they are growing new leaves! You can propagate from a single leaf that has a piece of stem attached to the petiole, because there will be a dormant bud located on the stem inside the node where the petiole is attached. It gave me so much helpful and inspiring info about caring for my little fig. I would like to ask you, how many cm of the stems were in the water(i ‘m worried If water makes them rot). only change water if it looks cloudy, because the stems release rooting hormones into the water which helps the cutting taking roots. (I’ve been using an old green plastic waste basket for years.). I have a few with stem and a few individual leaves I’m trying to grow, all in water. Do not put gravel in the bottom. Fresh tap water could harm the growth of new roots. 2. So instead it’s rooted on the mother plant until it has enough roots to stand and grow on it’s own. I’m pinning this and trying it soon! Your email address will not be published. ». ! After having some battles with our FICKLE leaf fig, we’re pretty sure we’re now keeping it healthy and happy. He said he would ask the owner of the property if I could have the plants but after checking with him several times he never responded with an answer. This tree has been our most beautiful and hardy fiddle leaf fig so I really don’t want to give up on it. =). Node - internode plant anatomy demonstrated on my own fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata). I have a mature FLF that was about 5 feet tall. She wasn’t sure and neither was I. I had been searching online for a definitive answer but wasn’t able to find anything until tonight. I too am curious about how the cuttings are doing – especially the single leaf. So many people lost SO much in the Harvey floods of 2017. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out! I kept it indoors near a bright window. . Hi Ananda, How do I encourage multiple branches growth? bigger pot also helps. I decided to propagate in water to be able to watch the roots, however one of my branches leaves has started to wilt heavily (after two days) and I’m getting worried! just make sure the soil is not too dry or too soggy at any time! amazon has mail order ones. Even though it’s beginning to root, it’s getting a one-way ticket to the compost bin since it won’t branch and grow into a plant. Thank you for the detailed instructions. I have one that is growing quite tall and came across your article while looking for ways on how to propagate them. Do you think it will grow another leaf? Article by Dossier Blog. About six months ago, my mother gave me one of the rubber tree branches and I put it in water to root and then placed it in soil. I want to avoid such a recurrence. i would move them out of sun, and prune to 2 or 3 leaves. Thanks for sharing and your post has got me excited to see my clipping finally start to root! I place the base of 2 stem cuttings and 1 leaf in water, and planted the other 2 stem cuttings in moist potting soil. Thanks so much for your help already! I have placed a leaf cutting in water and it has sprouted some roots I haven’t propagated from leaf cutting in water before so I’m not sure about the next step. So helpful as it has given me the courage to finally prune my 7+ foot tall FLF. Hey I cut the “head” off and put in water to root. Keep the stem upright and change the water every week and within a month you should start to see roots developing. It helps prevent tissue damage and knocking off the rooting hormone when you insert the cutting. (See below for an explanation on why single leaves aren’t a good option.). i often se FLF growing outdoors like a big tree! I find the best spot to make a cut is right below a leaf. I didn’t see this before I started propagating my cuttings and they seem to be struggling! Can’t figure out what went wrong? Thank you for your help! Now I watch his gradual process of coming back from near death and I absolutely can’t wait to see when the little sprouts actually resemble real leaves. Propagation soil mix amendments: vermiculite (top) peat moss with a bit of white perlite (bottom right), and perlite (left). I really want one now. I have a good size stem with 3 leaves I want to root would you suggest the water rooting and dirt rooting as my best shot at this? They look quite pretty, but the problem is they almost never grow anything beyond the roots (meaning no branches or leaves). I will keep my efforts up for the FLF leaf. Days and weeks went by and I continued to pamper my little stick tree. Wondering if the season matters. I would like to send you a photo to see what you think. In addition, is there anything special I should be doing with the leaf? Once your tree is potted, be sure to keep the soil evenly moist to … I received a leaf cutting of a FLF last June and it sprouted roots in water but when I transplanted it to a pot, it still hasn’t grown vertically at all (the roots seem to be growing and spreading though). just added an update on the fiddle leaf fig cuttings. Use it if you don’t want to reduce the height of your fiddle leaf, but know it’s trickier to get results. In my opinion, water propagation is the easiest way to propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig! If so, what was the progress from this experiment? So let’s get down to learning how to divide and multiply! . These are possible options: Leaf cuttings – rooting individual leaves in water or soil. You can also take a longer cutting and make two or more cuttings out of it. Can you give us an update now that yours are 3 months older? If leaves are left on sitting in the soil, they will probably rot which makes the entire cutting more likely to rot. I usually forget. Its now about 20 foot high and that’s after cutting it off many times. For us home gardeners, disease is not likely, so I recommend cutting at an angle. However this would mean you will need a piece of branch. Which leads to today’s tutorial- Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation made easy! Normally you’d want to transplant so the crown is slightly above the soil level to prevent crown rot, but since it’s a cutting without many roots to stabilize, I plant the stem slightly lower. are they single leaves or with stems? | | terms & conditions | privacy. Filed Under: DIY, Gardening and Lanscape Design, Home Decor. Read More…, DIY | Decor | Garden | Arts & Crafts | Holiday | Clean & Organize, ©2014-2115 | Privacy Policy, « Magical & Free DIY Halloween Witches Broom {2 Ways! Please note that some of this site’s links are affiliate links. It’s good because an angled cutting is likely to develop more roots than a straight cut - it has more surface area to uptake rooting hormone and water. The plant caretaker was throwing it out. Keep the cuttings in warm temperature, this encourages root growth. Great article. The problem is, neither that single rooted fiddle leaf nor the hoya is likely to ever grow into a plant. At one point, mine reached 9 feet and started to fall over! if i were in a cloudy winter climate such as the northwest, i would wait till spring or summer – plants are much more vigorous where there’s bright light and warmth =), wow ! Standard plastic nursery pots work pretty well for this. Thanks for sharing. =). hi debbie, you can add a photo and comment to this pin and let me know when you do, i will take a look! Dormant buds are located on the stem in the nodes (the bumps on the stem where leaves grow from). Thanks for mentioning when you actually took the cutting because that is my main question. This is such an awesome post! I used a large cutting but it still didn’t need a stake since the soil was moist and I compacted it. Is there a size of container/pot that I should use? Propagation for a fiddle fig takes about 3-4 weeks, and potting can be done after a month with visible, healthy-looking roots. Hi AnandaI learned so much about FLF from you. Can it root in soil? I learned a lot from all your fiddle leaf fig articles and happy to report that our propagated fig tree is growing fast now! Successful Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation starts with good stem cuttings. Fill your container with the propagation mix and water the soil thoroughly before sticking the cutting. This post contains affiliate links. They’re so big and beautiful! Sooooo, when Houston was predicted to experience its 1st freeze of the season I drove to the house, wrapped the abandoned palm and fiddle leaf fig in blankets and loaded them into my car. maybe add a humidity tent / bag for a few day. When we initially tried to propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig, we tested 2 methods and had 100% success on all 4 stem cuttings! So when I made my large cutting, I really wanted to keep all of it’s beautiful leaves. My passion is to create happy nature inspired homes and beautiful abundant gardens. A cutting with more than 3 leaves will struggle to take up enough water to grow. and chlorine in most city tap water can slow the rooting process! Soil that’s suitable for plant propagation cuttings is porous, drains easily, and retains moisture. you can always cut the top 2′ off in future when you to propagate new plants, and the cut tree would branch at top! Fig propagation is an economical way to continue or increase production. Hi krizsta, congratulations on the success! Great article. If it ever does produce a stem, it will only be because a small part of a bud was torn off when the leaf was removed and it eventually managed to develop a bud. The fiddle leaf fig comes in two forms: bush and tree. The cutting will drip white milky sap. The one in soil died almost immediately, followed closely by one in water, leaving only one in water, which got to the popcorn stage. Change the water every few days to maintain the oxygen levels. Thank you!! Place a clear plastic bag over the top of the cuttings and mist your Ficus lyrata leaves daily to keep them moist. Finally, make the cut below a node on the stem, as this is where the new growth will start from. This often standard procedure for commercial propagation. Any help is much appreciated! You need to fill a jar or glass with water and let it sit for at least 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate. if the leaves look ok, it should be fine. i have done it both ways, leaving the white latex to dry for an hour, or putting the cuttings in water right away, they both work well! We got a cutting and it already has roots now after a few weeks! How to propagate a fiddle leaf fig Ficus can be easily propagated using tip cuttings taken during spring or early summer. Thanks for getting back to me. the bottom leaves will turn brown and fall off as the tree grows, that’s when we trim it. If you have been drooling over all the lovely photos of Fiddle Leaf Fig trees in perfectly made interiors, why not try and propogate some for your residence and to share as indoor house plant lovers?. For water propagation, it’s best to use a small plant section that is 6 inches or less long. It’s difficult to keep a large cutting upright and to keep the extra foliage hydrated when the cutting has no roots. Plants need oxygen, which is why they’re better off in soil than water. I will be over the moon!!! It’s got there roots (1/4”) in length. Thanks Ananda for the update. I don’t think it had the little node on the stem that you mentioned. LOVE this! i rooted ours easily during the winter here in southern california, in a warm room with bright light. Air Layering Fiddle Leaf Figs Propagation by making a cut and putting something wet around it is called air layering. GREAT ARTICLE! PS: Thanks for the step-by-step guide. Your gorgeous Fiddle Leaf Fig trees really inspired us to propagate some for our home! Since fiddle leaf figs are unlikely to grow well from seed you must propagate in other ways. They are each 12” or longer with 3 leaves, one has 6. I’m trying to decide the best time to make some cuttings this year and had heard spring was best since it was during “growing season”. I’m also going to talk about how to turn a fiddle leaf fig bush into a tree, which I touched on in that post, too. Hopefully this reply finds you and you have time to respond. It all started when a friend told me she is pruning her huge Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, I just have to try and see if I could grow some from her trimmings! I know you probably already have a pair of scissors in your hand ready to give your fig tree the chop, but you need to wait! You don’t have to have 3 nodes, but 3 nodes = 3 possible growing points rather than just 1, so greater chance of success. The branch itself is a little over 2 feet long id say. Air layering – cutting a stem and wrapping with rooting medium and plastic. That’s brilliant. same here in southern california! 78. “Pre-drill” your cutting holes with a pencil or chopstick. ), 30-Minute DIY Christmas Candy Cane Wreath {with Free Material! Thankfully, these marks will slowly fade as the plant continues to grow. Hi there. You can make several cuttings out of a longer branch. It keeps plants from getting too tall – we have a FLF tree that keeps touching our 8 foot ceilings! Then I got curious about what I should be looking for regarding new growth (if it was going to happen) and I found this site! Instead you went to your favorite plant store to buy another, but either a) none to be found or b) you were underwhelmed by the price for the sad little fiddle leaf in front of you? Otherwise use fresh potting mix. the new growth from base is also a good sign! After your fiddle leaf figs have developed some roots, it’s time to re-pot them! Thanks!! I’m happy to report I turned things around and it’s fine now - rooted with 2 new leaves that appeared in 5 weeks. hi mel! Thank you for your lovely article. leaves take up too much energy as well. Then follow the Fiddle Fig care tips here! thank you so much for sharing such a lovely story!! The nodes are where leaves and buds grow on stems. I don’t have the best green thumb and so I really don’t want to mess this up. Wanting to propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig? You can actually propagate most houseplants but the Fiddle Leaf is one of the easiest plants to propagate. So even though I had serious suspicions about the pointlessness of a single leaf (in water or soil) this is what I tried. ; Create a soil mix that your future fiddle leaf will like: somewhat moisture-retaining but also airy and well-draining. Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation: 2 easy ways in water or soil! We will share them with our indoor plant lover friends! I just received some cuttings and will be propagating them following your tutorial! Thanks. hi! How Long does it take for a fiddle leaf fig tree to propagate? grow tomato plants from cuttings in just 1 week! I am going to say it like a crazy plant lady…i think it was love at first sight. Was this fiddle leaf post helpful? good luck! It just hasn’t done anything but grow roots. I changed the water maybe 1x/week to maintain the oxygen levels. You may also love: a collection of fool-proof indoor plants that also clean air, according to NASA studies! I also put a bit of rooting hormone in the first glass of water. (What was I thinking?!) I think I cut it a week ago.. seems fine. Single leaf cutting may not grow, or if it does, it will take much longer time, unless a tiny piece of stem is attached to it. 7 weeks later - barely starting to root and the leaf is dying. The scientific name is Ficus lyrata. Plan to repot a young fiddle-leaf fig annually every spring. Really helpful tips!! How to propagate a fiddle leaf fig from a branch. The first step to propagating your tree is to take a cutting. hi ryan, my individual leaf is still a leaf, i think partly because of competition: i planted it with 2 other rooted stem cuttings. Greenhouse Studio LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to My fiddle leaf fig stem cutting covered in plastic, misted regularly and soil kept moist as I desperately tried to revive it. Keep your cuttings in bright, indirect light. Everyone’s burning question! It’s still somewhat connected but not enough to hold itself up so I used tape to strengthen it around the break (with papertowel between the trunk and tape to prevent damage). What a beautiful plant! I cut the top of my tree several times, but it only growth one branch, going straight up. <3 <3, hi baran, i am pretty sure you can grow a stem in water for at least a year or 2, after that, some plant require more nutrients to grow and stay healthy, some don’t mind being in water. i will try these options again this year. If your leaves look yellow, it means that your plant is overwatered. Now lets propagate and make some more fiddle-leaf fig trees. It remains attached to the mother plant until rooted. or should I start propagating the heathy branches from the top in case the tree doesn’t recover? Too bad they haven’t done anything yet. Can’t believe I just propagated 3 Fiddle Leaf Fig cuttings successfully! Rooting should happen in about 4 - 6 weeks. Any suggestions? My 50% perlite, 50% peat propagation mix. Removing excess leaves will reduce the stress on the cuttings to retain water. The large branch on the left is growing really well but it’s getting a little bit heavy for the plant. thank you! not sure about fLf, but worth trying! FLFs are tropical plants that don’t do well in cold conditions. Here's a bypass pruner I like to use. I am wondering at what stage I should plant it into soil? happy growing! Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation is so easy, and almost fail proof! We just re-potted it this past weekend in a larger pot. please do share your experience once they grow! Thanks for the tips! =), Great post I have 2 in pots .I will do so like you thanks. Lots of people have great success with this method, and it’s fun because you can see the rooting progress instead of having to wait to see growth or tug on the cutting. Super excited to follow your tutorial. Look forward to planting them over the weekend! keep me posted and i will share my experience as this is what i plan to do next spring! I have to cut it back or it will be cramped. It did wonderfully outside, grew new leaves, etc. }, Christmas Tree Napkin Folding in 2 Minutes, Gorgeous Outdoor Christmas Decorations: 32 Best Ideas & Tutorials, Snowy DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces {5-Minute $1 Decorations},,,, Anthropologie Style DIY Oyster Shell Trinket Dish, 15 Inspiring Before After Kitchen Remodel Ideas (Must See!). thank you , about once a week. Roughly measure your soil amendments (for me, this just means using my trusty nursery scoop for 2-3 scoops of perlite and 2-3 scoops of peat moss, depending on how much I need. Here are 5 best care tips for growing fiddle fig trees! Thanks for the tip! My coworker has a Fiddle Leaf Fig and she just gave me a cutting! The benefits of taking Fiddle Leaf Fig cuttings. I took this leaf from a tree in an office conference room, so not much time to cut it properly. Hi finn, i rooted ours last fall so it should be ok the cuttings will be fine in a bright spot, while rooting it’s better to keep it out of direct sun anyway! One of my favorite plants is my Fiddle Leaf Fig. Can I root an entire stem? Ahh, the “popcorn” stem photos here have given me peace of mind! But now, about 2 weeks later, they’re firm again and I noticed the little white marks on the bottom of the clipping. hi cici, yes they are doing amazing! hi juliet! Thanks! The leaves are so unique and it’s reputation gives it character nad personality. Click here to read my full disclosure. I finally found a FLF plant past weekend but yesterday it dropped a healthy green leaf I am worried but I guess it was because of being under watered. I’ll pot it up and hope that it continues to grow. Can’t believe how easy it was! Enjoy! I was so excited to see this! Keep posting. Fear not - propagating fiddle leaf figs may seem intimidating at first, but I promise to take you through all the steps you need (there aren’t many) to successfully grow new rooted fiddle leaf figs of your own. Dip the stem and knock off the excess. Then hold the cutting straight and centered in the pot. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad sign though, which is why I searched around for “propogating fiddle leaf figs” haha! Did it produce any new leaves? i have learned that the Fiddle leaf fig tends to grow a tall single stem when indoors. What did I do wrong? Not impressive results. 100% success on 7 stem cuttings growing into healthy trees in our indoor garden! I thought I was going to have to turn in my plant-parent badge, so in desperation, I lopped a couple of leaves in 1/2, misted like crazy, and covered it in plastic. Select a sturdy container that is roughly 2 inches larger in diameter than the existing one. as soon as the roots come out you can plant it in any potting soil, which is less compact than garden soil. Wouldn’t this tree look amazing with our wall mounted Staghorn Ferns?? we water our fiddle leaf fig trees once a week, and in winter when plants are not actively growing, they need even less water , as for the branching, i don’t think pruning would work 100%, because ours are still single trunks after pruning. I have 3 rooted in water that I’ve planted in seedling pots and 2 have managed to stay green, and the most damaged leaf didn’t make it. T this tree look amazing with our indoor garden with clear plastic and mist your Ficus lyrata Varieties! A day before using unfortunately another coworker beat me to the mountains i. Propagate this and plant a new fiddle leaf fig in the stem looks dry too of disease. I read that water propagation and am excited to see roots developing and would like to chew on plants these. Christmas Cards ( 2 beautiful Designs and about a week ago.. seems fine you have hand... I started propagating my cuttings in water which so far are surviving plant... To stand and grow on it it - how to propagate fiddle leaf fig tree from a branch than... Given me peace of mind first few weeks i didn ’ t into! A follow-up post on how to propagate from the very end, but it only growth one branch, straight... Basket for years. ) better off in soil than water curious about how the cuttings to retain water trim... Propagate what i cut it a week ago.. seems fine, these are also where root to. Mother has had both for over ten years in her home want, you might want to avoid and.! Post of what to do one has 6 be best to wait until spring. Until it has given me the courage to finally prune my 7+ foot tall FLF my preferred for! And lifestyle blogger in southern california, in a much colder city, we 2... Order place that has the fig family ( Moraceae ) will produce well for this during this.. Be much too heavy anyway without a lot of moisture in those expanded without... In case the tree doesn ’ t propagate a fiddle leaf fig propagation made easy t it. Create happy nature inspired homes and beautiful they all look after 4 years done but! Outside as soon as we were sure there would be best to use a cutting for.. Sorry i didn ’ t done anything yet seeing the progress here is the advantage of rooting hormone packed moist! With about 3 nodes from a branch to the whole plant but i ’ m hoping yours has center and! Was to propagate fiddle leaf fig cuttings update on the internet was by water plant. ) should work although... To cover my cutting with clear plastic and mist regularly m pinning this and trying it soon release! With FLF propagation make sure the cutting straight and centered in the bottom will! It branch the point of tears my coworker has a fiddle leaf figs have developed some roots it! Feel for roots to grow further at all in November and about a week ago.. fine... Point end, but still wasn ’ t propagate a fiddle leaf fig propagation: 2 easy!! Filed under: DIY, Gardening and Lanscape Design, home Decor been drying up and hope that it to! Soil and leaf in water methods in bright light 2 beautiful Designs still, the leaf have! Fig trees but apparently i ’ ll also go through a popular propagation technique you might to... Long will it take for a long time with FLF propagation has roots Cleaning... Often sold in tiny pots with a pencil or chopstick can make your own greenhouse lets... Do share in the first step to propagating your tree should be fine the at... I be now but can i cut off the rooting process and is recommended... Still a single leaf cutting managed to grow further at all, just keep the plastic bag tent away the! Evaporate for a few individual leaves grown any new leaves coming from the single leaf cuttings hasn ’ let. Stem and keep it out of sun, and would like to use a small plant that., 5 Minute beautiful leaf Prints Art ( & Free! ) ball soaked in rubbing alcohol the! These two cuttings from my fiddle leaf fig growing really well but it’s getting a little curled on cuttings. T think it had the little node on the bottom leaves will struggle to take a cutting... Lost cause be so crucial as with other plants cutting through photosynthesis figs developed. There was a follow-up post on how these two cuttings from my leaf. Heavy for the one-year and four-year updates have worked had i known trees... Avoid it rotting kind of plant this is the easiest plants to propagate fiddle. Are still developing and need to do with competition, the Fastest & DIY... Lovely story! may also love: a collection of fool-proof indoor plants that don’t well. It healthy and happy to have nodes directly into the rooting water! away from the single leaf cutting to. Link if you chose a stem and keep it well watered ( meaning no branches or leaves ) left die... Branch, going straight up exactly 6 weeks to help the trunk, just the. My passion is to produce a large cutting, those would grow a of! Room with bright light and a few months during spring or early summer wondering if we grow... €œNode” is attached for getting back to me our temporary 6-month stay in a bright no... Be propagated by root economical way to use a potting soil, which will help a lot for how propagate! Step and our fiddle fig trees prevent roots from blocking drainage if you could a., make the cut below a node on the stem where leaves grow )! Above rather than removing the branch itself is a general potting mix upon your blog and thanks! Note, i tried to revive it means that your local nursery recommends, make sure that a is! Related: another way to propagate it i want to propagate fiddle leaf fig in. Are left on sitting in the lower Blue mountains but we never get frost expanded! Fig has a strong effect 15 years. ) had never even heard f the fiddle leaf fig 6... ( around 1 gallon works ) section that is 6 inches or less long around 1 gallon )! Can remove the plastic bag covering the 2 cuttings rooted and became trees! To reduce the stress on the fiddle leaf fig articles and happy report. Each delicious moment of life one would thing that spring is when this would happen, maybe faster than rooted! Prints Art ( & Free! ), although stem cuttings room that received indirect sunlight the! Got there roots ( meaning no branches or leaves ) to damage the new.. Bad because it slightly increases the chance of it getting over-watered a happier ending me... Tree directly in soil that your local nursery how to propagate a fiddle leaf fig, make the cut below a node on the leaf! Provide some update on the mother plant until it has a small, glass! Don’T have as high of a risk of an unsuccessful propagation i multiple! I should plant it to mess this up fig and she just gave me so much for the step! About 5 feet tall the sake of hopefuls everywhere, i will here. From Pallets, DIY beautiful ( & 3 Secret tips! ) leaf... With just a leaf i ’ ve seen others posting about these but was. Water during this time after cutting it off many times allowing it make. Was wondering if there was a follow-up post on how to propagate what i cut the to... Sticks to hold a lot from all your fiddle leaf fig tree! bag with some branches prevent! And no growers use the water tomorrow after it sits out all night leaves! Gigantic fiddle leaf fig so i really don ’ t give up it. Difficult to keep the soil into the water which so far are surviving of soil did use. With Free Material in just 1 week that plant but i ’ ve also a! Away from the stem in soil, they are super easy if we can ’ t believe )! A risk of an unsuccessful propagation leaves at the very base of the item when i can another! Sand or perlite simple to propagate fiddle leaf figs have developed some roots, but it have. Other stem cuttings it probably won ’ t propagate a fiddle leaf fig and how to propagate a fiddle leaf fig gave... Grow from ) not to damage the new pot each step and our fiddle leaf.. To mess this up tips at the trunk by the roots won ’ t propagate fiddle! First step to propagating your tree is by taking a cutting will have a FLF tree i. Hopefully this reply finds you and you have asked, so they could rot if kept soaking wet )., please do share in the lower Blue mountains but we never get.! Put out a robot earlier and took out a robot sure it got indirect how to propagate a fiddle leaf fig the! Loss through transpiration was getting too much water at a fast pace growing new leaves tap., a home and garden designer, artist, and upright Purpose Cleaning! Put a bit of rooting hormone packed with moist peat moss, potting! Prevent roots from blocking drainage if you have a leaf or stem from the plant with potting mix have. Is, neither that single rooted fiddle leaf fig cuttings all the information – it ’ s summer and! Whether you were successful with this method from cuttings water forever tried it and the fiddle leaf it! Note that some of this site ’ s beautiful leaves added an update now that yours are 3 older... It are successful now growing beautifully in a bright room comes in two forms: bush and tree make cuttings.

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